Christian Fletcher Quads


  • Carbon Fiber base/Fibreglass/Hexcore Construction(Futures base compatible)
  • Front Side fins: Height: 4.56″(116.00mm)
  • Base: 4.34″ (110.23mm) Rake: 32 degrees
  • Rear Side fins: Height: 4.42″ (112.27mm)
  • Base: 4.29″(108.97mm) Rake: 32.4 degrees


Christian Fletcher is one of the most innovative Surfers ever, the God father of Aerial Surfing with Air Style and precision still to this day hasn’t been matched. Christian noticed the performance attributes the Dimples create allowing his explosive speed and innovative ideas to flourish. These Quads are a result of 6 months of trials in all kinds of conditions.
The Front fins have a upright template allowing for sharp direction changes with the rear fins complimenting the front with a more relaxed rake. The Carbon base combined with the dimples make these Quads unbelievably fast and responsive. The Carbon base adds strength and stiffness to lower end of the fins while allowing the upper 3rd of the fin to flex. This is high performance flex pattern that anyone can get the benefits from. Dimples eliminate wake tracking sometimes associated with Quads. Christian Fletcher’s unmistakable graphics with 3DFINS unique embedded graphic process takes Fin Art to the next level.


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